376 Camino de Estrella
Izza Pizzeria has been open since 2009 and located in San Clemente, one of the most beautiful coastal places to live in California (one our drive to San Diego and Los Angeles from Route 5).  The reputation of Izza has been consistently positive and growing throughout the years since opening  because of the great pizzas, positive atmosphere in a peaceful location and great staff that keeps many visitors to come back. It is one of the local hot spots in the area for a warm and charming italian dining experience for friends and families as well as for road travellers.

Since March 2016, Izza Pizzeria has taken new ownership by a prominent Swiss-Italian/Croatian family. The owners have combined experience of 25 years in the restaurant/hospitality business in Switzerland, and Austria. Keeping in the tradition of the original owners, the new proprietors of Izza Pizzeria are keeping many of the original menu items but improving and maintaining the high quality standard by importing many ingredients directly from Europe. However, the new owners plan to implement some Croatian dishes within the menu in order to become more distinguishable around the area as it is also a very common combination as both come from the same Roman history. The vision is to represent Izza as a modern Italian/Croatian restaurant serving fresh and high-quality foods while offering a positive atmosphere filled with love and gratitude.
Neapolitan Pizza, the most popular food item from the Southern Europe and Izza’s main specialty, adheres to strict standard of using only soft grain flour, fresh yeast, sea salt, Italian tomatoes and all natural mozzarella di bufala or flor di latte and extra virgin olive oil. The pizza is then hand stretched and cooked in a wood burning oven of 600-800 degrees.

An extensive salad and appetizer menu, as well as delicious pastas add to the many pizza selections. Home made delicious desserts and a full beer and wine menu featuring many local and Italian wines from our wine bar are also offered. Stay tuned for many upcoming dishes that will be featured on the daily special which will include special Croatian dishes.

Spend a great beach day in San Clemente ending it with a rich spiritual experience of gratitude  at Izza Pizzeria with your friends and family. The San Clemente coast meets Southern Europe in the most relevant ways!

We Support Local Farms and all the Principles of Sustainability whenever Possible.

What does "izza" stand for?
It means "honor/respect" in Roman Greek and in Arabic also spelled as Issa or Isa, and "beyond" in Croatian.